Market Solution Enterprises (MSOLE) was established to specifically address market shortcomings by matching suppliers of goods and services with those in demand of these commodities and providing businesses the requisite services to remove the bottlenecks to their growth and sustainability. Accordingly, the company matches job seekers with employers; property owners with buyers and renters of real estate; research projects with consultants;entrepreneurs and small businesses with product developmentmarketing and financial servicesand government, households, and  businesses with building construction services.   

As such MSOLE provides  job placement and job skills training; real estate brokerage, maintenance, and management; one-stop consulting; building constructionrenovation and maintenance; small business development/incubation; and  product packaging, branding, marketing, promotion, and distribution.


▪ Job Placement
▪ Job Skills Training
▪ Marketing & Promotion
▪ Small Business Incubator
▪ Real Estate Brokerage 
▪ Building Construction
▪ Consulting Services
▪ Sightseeing Tours
▪ Travel & Immigration