Job Placement/ job skill training

Job Placement/ job skill training

Job Placement / Job Skills Training

Because the job market is ill-defined and there is a lack of market structure in that tradesmen are not required to have licenses or certifications to practice and they are not part of umbrella associations, oftentimes companies and households don’t know where and whom to turn when they need trade personsbe they masons, carpenters, joiners, electricians, tilers, building contractors, property valuators, surveyors, architects, plumbers, drivers and heavy equipment operators, and the list goes on. Equally frustrating, when they finally hire someone they have no guarantee that the person presenting themselves as a craft man or woman can deliver a quality service within agreed upon time frames and with a certain level of professionalism. 

On the other hand, each year thousands of secondary school and post-secondary school graduates enter the job market with limited hope of finding a job, especially if they lack work experience and don’t have the requisite training. Likewise, whole communities or neighborhoods are deemed unemployable because they have limited schooling and work skills and lack the requisite social skills and work discipline.

Besides providing job skill training and occupational guidance, MSOLE has developed a large data bank of trades person and other workers, all of whom have been vetted and screened to ascertain they have a track record of delivering quality work that meets international standards. MSOLE therefore saves households and businesses the frustration and waste of resources involved in attempting to securreliable and professional services.

Our Employment Services division focuses on finding winning talent for organizations who wish to outsource strategic recruitment, direct hire placements and temporary staffing needs. Also inclusive within this division are individual assessments, background checks, drug testing and other screening services.